Wilsden Bantams vs Idle FC 1.7.17


Wilsden Bantams 2

(Zeeshaan BantamsVlogs, William Bantam – PEN)

Idle FC 10

(Jack Strudwick x 3, James Royal x 2, Josh Mathers, George Collins, Richie Feliciano, Tom Simonett, Luke Gray)

Match Referee: Vinny Gelder


So on a ridiculously hot scorching day, the Wilsden Bantams made their footballing debut against the talented Idle FC who were fresh from promotion and ready to show the world that they meant business.  Even from getting out of their cars in their matching training gear, our boys knew that they were up against it.  However, even though we had an array of talent at our disposal from the Wilsden Bantams portfolio of all stars including Jamie from The Good Citizens, Thomas Gadd, Zeeshaan and Saiful (BantamsVlogs), Luke Gallagher and Dan Kuby, we kept reminding ourselves that this was a charity match and the result didn’t really matter.  Which we reminded ourselves yet again after 15 minutes when we were 3-0 down!

Idle FC came out of the traps like greyhound number 1 and passed the ball around the 3G pitch like a team who knew what they were about.  Perhaps it was the attendance of James Mason, Ellis Hudson, Tyrell Robinson, Callum Gunner and Omari Patrick which gave Idle FC the impetus.  Afterall, Idle, near the Co-op right?

Fast forward to half time and the score was zero to Wilsden Bantams and 6 to Idle FC.  Drinks for Idle and oxygen for Wilsden Bantams.  But ah-ha…the teamtalk… Wilsden Bantams were now attacking towards the other end and given that’s where all the goals were scored in the first half, all we had to do was replicate what Idle FC did.  Piece of p…….izza?

And so we did….. I can’t quite remember what happened as my wife was passing me a can of fosters, but I think that there was a cross and our amazing Zeeshaan from BantamsVlogs nodded it in a-l-a Mark Leonard-style to reduce the deficit.  Take a bow Zeeshaan, you scored our first ever goal.   Was it to be the last???

Actually it was irrelevant, 6-1, job done, we didn’t lose with a zero.  The sun kept beating down, the children amongst the crowd could see that we relaxed on our 6-1 win (well, you know, a win in our eyes) and so made their way to the bouncy castle… If they had have stayed watching the game they would have seen Idle FC really step it up and score just a handful (that is six fingers if you live in a strange town) to make it 12-1, but then alas, cue our own super sub, arise Sir William Bantam, who came on, as did about 8 of our subs to make it 11 vs 20 but hey, charity yeah?  Billy Bantam, considering he was in an outfit in the scorching heat, played his giblets off and ran Idle FC ragged.  From a long ball, Billy did a bit of a Maradona (or was it Chicken Doner), ran forward, sometimes backwards, but then forward again and ok, it was a slightly dubious dive when pushed by the wind but referee Vinny saw the technicality of the fowl (ha – love it) and gave the penalty.  No card though, harsh…


(OK so that pic above isn’t of the penalty, but it’s funny anyway). 

Cue the woooaaahhhh…. and job done.  Keeper had no chance.  Just check Saiful and Zeeshaan’s vlog to see it – Stuart Pearce, learn from Sir William Of Bantam. 12-2, as Mel & Kim would say, respectable.

And that was pretty much that, the Ref blew the whistle and handshakes all round.  Wilsden Bantams lost their first ever match.  But so did Man United and look at them now..

So then it was back to the Villager for a barbecue and race night, together with the opportunity to view Paul Town’s amazing artwork.  This guy has a real talent, his pictures are thought provoking and emotive at the same time – cheers for bringing the originals up Paul 🙂   Well done to everyone who won prizes on the raffle, and thanks for a blummin great day all round!

All the committee at Wilsden Bantams would like to thank each and everyone who attended (cheers for attending we appreciate your support), played (massive thanks to you all), volunteered (especially Michael and Vinny), sponsored (love you Baildon Timber, David Keogh and TC Plastering), bounced on the castle (thanks again Trevor Crossland), and to the Referee, Mr Gelder, for refereeing and keeping the game flowing, we salute you.

Click here for the BantamsVlogs You Tube video of the day – cheers lads!